Brewing Your Best Cup
Start by buying the freshest, quality Dahtone beans; otherwise you can't expect the best quality to come from your cup of coffee.
Brewing the perfect kup of koffee

10 Pointers to Brewing Perfection

  1. Make sure that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned. Leftover residue, oils and grounds will leave strange flavors in your brew.
  2. Buy and start with fresh quality beans. Otherwise you should not expect quality coffee in the cup.
  3. Use fresh, clear water to prepare the coffee.
  4. Always grind your coffee immediately before brewing. This will result in a fresher taste.
  5. Make sure that the grind of the coffee matches your method and tastes.
  6. Use the right amount of coffee. A good rule of thumb is 2tbsps for each 6oz cup of coffee.
  7. Warm your cup before pouring the coffee in; this keeps the coffee hot longer.
  8. Before serving, stir the coffee. Heavier oils and inconsistent extraction will cause differences in the consistency of the coffee.
  9. If you are making more than you intend to drink, store the coffee in a quality thermos. Leaving the brew in the coffee warmer will slowly destroy its flavor.
  10. After going through all of this work, take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Don't just drink it up! Slurp, spread the flavour over the tongue, and feel it's aromatic flavour.


Choose Your Bean

Americas  The largest amount of coffee (in the world!) is produced in Central and South America. These regions yield coffee beans that are notorious for their crisp acidity and ideal balance of flavor. The coffee's mellow body is agreeable to most.

Costa Rica  The coffee beans produced in Costa Rica is extremely crisp and are frequently enjoyed iced. The earthy taste is accompanied by a butterscotch flavor that compliments the beans' medium body. This coffee is called the "Burgandy of Coffees." That statement alone speaks volumes.

Colombia  Coffee beans that originate from Colombia have a clean and sweet flavor, the perfect taste for first thing in the morning. Colombian beans have a caramel top note that is alluring and seductive.

Columbia produces rich and bold blends... light and sweet caffeinated delights as 'supremo' and 'excelso'. Coffees made from Colombian beans like Popayan or Narino are considered to be among the best in the world. Of course, Colombian blends offer a whole new world of possibilities for coffee tastes.